I’ve already mentioned many time that I’m disabling IPv6 almost on all my servers and workstation.

In today days, I really don’t see a reason to have it enabled (maybe in next few years, but not now).

Let’s see today how to disable / enable IPv6 via Group Policy (GPO)…

Jeff Guillet created the corresponding admx template. Jeff wrote the attached ADMX and ADML files to enable the configuration of IPv6 using Group Policy.

Copy each file to the computer you will use to configure the policy.

IPv6Configuration.zip – This ZIP file contains both the ADMX and ADML files:

  • IPv6Configuration.admx – Copy this file to %SYSTEMROOT%\PolicyDefinitions
  • IPv6Configuration.adml – Copy this file to%SYSTEMROOT&\PolicyDefinitions\en-US (Replace en-US with your country’s language, as necessary)

Now log into the computer and use the Group Policy Management Console(GPMC) to configure the IPv6 settings. The new policy will be located under Computer Configuration > Policies > Administrative Templates > Network > IPv6

Configuration, as shown below:


Here, you can configure the following IPv6 settings:

  • Enable all IPv6 components (Windows default)
  • Disable all IPv6 components (the setting you probably want)
  • Disable 6to4
  • Disable ISATAP
  • Disable Teredo
  • Disable Teredo and 6to4
  • Disable all tunnel interfaces
  • Disable all LAN and PPP interfaces
  • Disable all LAN, PPP and tunnel interfaces
  • Prefer IPv4 over IPv6

Note that you must restart the computer for the configuration to go into effect.


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