Those of you who deal with Exchange are familiar with the fact that priority emails, that are sent from Outlook or OWA can be changed very easily. Even if an email is sent with “High Importance”, it makes no difference to Exchange by default. All emails will be queued and delivered in the order they are received. This is where “Priority Queuing” comes in, and it will be useful to configure this feature, so that emails marked high priority are processed and delivered before any others in the queue, regardless of when they were received by the server.

Priority Queuing is disabled in Exchange by default. It is very easy to enable it by editing the EdgeTransport.exe.config file in the Bin directory and restart the Exchange Transport Service.

Navigate to the Bin directory and find EdgeTransport.Exe.Config file…

Open it using notepad and find the line that says PriorityQueuingEnabled is set to false:

Change the value from “false” to “true” and save the file. New line should looks like:

Restart Exchange Transport service.

Once this is complete, Exchange will deliver high priority emails before any other ones and normal priority emails will be delivered before the low priority ones. By default, all emails sent from Outlook & OWA have normal priority.

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