Misha Hanin  

Hyper-V: Unable To Start a Virtual Machine From Downloaded ISO File

I’ve been working on a build of my new lab stand. I will use this lab to record some video that MANY of you asked me to do thousands of times (it’ll be a big surprise to all of you… for now, I just tell you that the environment I’ve been building contains 3 forests and 3 different versions of Exchange… )


So, during the build, I needed to create a new VM, and this VM needed to start from ISO file. When I mounted an ISO file and tried to boot, I’ve seen the following error:

“Synthetic SCSI Controller (Instance ID xxx): Failed to Power on with Error 
‘The version does not support this version of the file format’"



The solution to this problem is VERY simple, just make a copy of the ISO file and then mount the copy instead. That it!